Canada Beef wants to help you Eat, Write, Retreat…Again!

Here at Canada Beef Inc, we love bloggers. We love you because you tell the story from your side of the table, sharing with us your amazing recipes, your beautiful photos and your feedback on all that makes Canadian Beef great.  Talented bloggers help Canadian Beef shine, and we’re excited to return the favour!

We had so much fun last year, we’ve once again partnered with Eat, Write, Retreat, the fabulous food blogging conference in Washington DC to create three scholarships for Canadian bloggers to attend. Read all about the excellent adventures our scholarship winners had last year here.

Eat, Write, Retreat is an intensive, hands-on weekend designed to help food bloggers take their work to the next level. Workshops in the culinary arts, creative writing, food styling and photography are interspersed with dynamic dining events, demonstrations and valuable networking sessions. The event is all-inclusive which means a scholarship provides access to all programs and events, as well as luxury hotel accommodations and all the scrumptious food and drink you can fit into a weekend. Just a little “Thank You” from all of us at Canada Beef.

Read on for complete details on how to enter. The first scholarship will be awarded on Monday, February 13th, and then the following two Mondays no later than 4pm ET. The sooner you enter, the better your chances of winning. So get a mooooove on and good luck!

Rules and Restrictions

  • Bloggers must be Canadian residents.
  • Bloggers will receive one entry for writing a post published on their own blogs focused on one of the following topics:
  1. Favourite memory involving Canadian Beef, good, funny or disastrous (family traditions, a romantic date or your biggest Canadian Beef culinary disaster).
  2. Favourite Canadian Beef dish (does not require a recipe, but feel free to include).
  3. Something you learned at the Canadian Beef website.
  • Posts must include mention and link to both Canadian Beef ( and Eat, Write, Retreat (
  • Blogger must leave a comment on this post with the URL for their entry post.
  • For a second entry to the contest, bloggers who have created a post may also tweet about the contest: ” I’m hoping @CanadianBeef sends me to @EatWriteRetreat. Get all the details here: ”       Leave a comment here to let us know you tweeted!
  • Winners are chosen randomly (using from all qualified entries on 2/13, 2/20 and 2/27 2012 no later than 4pm ET.
  • All travel/transportation and incidental expenses are the responsibility of the winner. (Prize is one all-inclusive registration to Eat, Write, Retreat.)
  • Upon returning from Eat, Write, Retreat, each winner will be asked to write a post about the event, to be published on their own blogs as well as here on the Canadian Beef blog (as a guest post).

Remember, the first scholarship winner will be chosen next Monday, February 13th!

UPDATE: The first WINNER is Kathryne, congratulations!!!  Next draw will take place Monday, February 20th.  All entries carry over to the next draw.

UPDATE #2: The second WINNER is Lynn, congratulations!!! The final draw will take place next Monday.  Get your beefy entries in!

UPDATE #3: The third and FINAL WINNER is Jennifer, congratulations!  A huge THANK YOU to all those who entered.  Your posts were yummy, lovely and inspiring.

Happy blogging beef lovers!


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76 thoughts on “Canada Beef wants to help you Eat, Write, Retreat…Again!

  1. I was one of the lucky recipients to be sponsored by Canadian Beef in 2011. I highly recommend this experience!! Thank you Canadian Beef for the opportunity to attend!

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  3. I also won a scholarship last year and had an amazing time. Not to say that I won’t try for a scholarship again! ;) The conference and Washington D.C. as a city was absolutely fantastic!

    • correct! Thanks Kathryne! First entry is the blog post (and commenting here), second entry is your tweet:) good luck and thank you!

  4. Oh! This is such a great opp! I think i was a little tired when i read this the first time. So sad that transportation is not included. My husband just reminded me that I’m a poor farmer’s wife. LOL! Maybe someday when the farm does better, I can get to all the conferences and events :-) Good luck to everyone who entered! Sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic exoerience!

  5. This is a wonderful opportunity and I’ve been dreaming to attend Eat Write Retreat since I’ve started my food blog! I really hope Canadian Beef will allow me to make it this year. Here’s the link to my post:

    I also tweeted about the contest (my Twitter username is @foodnouveau).

    I was wondering, is only two entries per blogger allowed? (one for post, one for tweet) – I see some people leaving links to different posts in the comments, was wondering what were the rules about this. Thank you!

    • wonderful post Marie! thank you so much for entering:) Yes, you can enter as many new original posts as you like for more chances at winning:) good luck!

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    • great blog post Jennie! a note though, even when grinding your own beef it should always be cooked to an internal temp of 71/160.

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