Nothing Says Love Like Canadian Beef, seriously.

I’ve been thinking about love lately since everywhere I look I see ideas for your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

How about baking cupcakes with candy canes formed to make a heart?

Or create a sweet, candy heart gift box to house your Valentine’s day treasures:

Or why not make a great meal and have the “right” wine to go with it?  (isn’t any wine, right? :) ) with  17 Romantic Food and Wine pairings.

See that steak?  For my hubby – that is the epitome of showing you care.  In fact, all beef is.

I have loved my hubby for a long time, and my hubby loves me.  I am a lucky woman.  He’s kind, funny, a wonderful father, great to chat with and easy on the eyes.  But my hubby – and forgive my sexism here – is like a lot of men, not so chatty in the “You make my life so wonderful” words department.

But all I have to do on February 14 is cook something, anything with Canadian beef and the words of love start flowing….so I did a quick look on for some great inspiration.

I’m thinking about:

Strip Loin Steaks with sautéed mushrooms:

Yummy with some roasted potatoes, and a Caesar salad.

Or this simple recipe has restaurant flair – and the cranberries give it festive colour for Valentine’ s Day:

Or I could go all traditional and cook a roast.  Honestly, in our house, roast equals love:

So how about Putting- on- the -Ritz Roast Beef?

Tastes like you spent a lot of time and effort, but it’s so easy to make.  And be sure to whip up the wine gravy to go along with it, it’s delicious!

So what are you thinking of preparing for your honey this Valentines’ Day?


Janet works at Canada Beef in communications.  She loves discovering delicious new ways to prepare Canadian beef.  It’s a good thing too, since she lives happily in “man world” with her hubby Steve and teen sons Ryan and Ben, where there isn’t a great meal, unless it includes beef (and perhaps an energy drink. :) )

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